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Hi ya'll, I'm Mandy. Here with my handsome crew of men; hubby Garrett and our 3 boys Kyle, Devin & Bryce!

I spent a decade running a full-time photography business when the boys were younger, fka Mandy Kay Photography. We were based in Southern Oregon and spent ten years capturing so many beautiful families. In 2019 I hung up my strap with client photography to focus on my own family, our growing boys, and our Frenchie breeding program. The time away allowed me to do just that - focus on those things, and it also allowed me the space to rejuvenate my soul creatively and restore my passion for loving people through my camera. After a full 4+ year break, in 2023 I felt the call back to my art and connecting with families the way I love to through photos. I stepped back in so incredibly mildly shooting only about 10 sessions all year. Considering that part of those were travel sessions, it honestly was perfect! I LOVED seeing and catching up with so many old, loyal MKP clients who were right back here when I was ready again. Plus meeting a few new awesome clients, it all made for a creative wonderful year back capturing families!

With 2023 going so smoothly, I'm excited to continue the same for 2024. I will continue this coming year offering an exclusive 10 sessions for the whole year. We'll be shooting in our current Reno/Sparks, NV area, as well as some Southern Oregon and Northern California locations. 

We are still busy and active as ever with the Frenchie program, but I have been so blessed by our RVF team and an amazing husband/partner, and that they afford me some space in my world to do this in tandem.

French Bulldog and Frenchton breeding program

with our Veterinarian and Licensed Vet Tech

partners, Dr. Kristi Stone & Kerri Drews.

Check the puppy fun out HERE!

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